Mar 29, 2010


Cheryl is in great need of prayer. She is a stay at home mom living in Canada with her husband and five children.

And right now, she is facing the unthinkable. Her son, Joel, has been suffering from headaches for some time now, and on Friday, they took him to the hospital. What they found out there has changed their lives forever. The CT scan revealed a large mass at the back of his brain, and surgery was immediately planned.

On Saturday, the surgery was performed, and the doctors have since confirmed that they have removed the entire tumor, and though the results of the biopsy are still unknown, the doctors are expecting to find that the tumor is malignant.

Now, they wait, watching little Joel as he recovers from surgery, doing their best to take care of them, while their hearts are breaking within them.

Please, please, go to Cheryl's blog and read more about Joel. And please, share a word of encouragement with her and her family.

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