Apr 15, 2010

Courtney Roth

This is a guest post written by Jenifer who nominated Courtney to be featured today.

Courtney is amazing. Her son, Tripp was born with Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa (JEB). JEB causes blisters to form on Tripp’s skin anytime there is friction or trauma to an area. A dermatologist they saw in Cincinnati, told them that just by looking at Tripp, he wouldn’t live to be a year old. Tripp is about to be a year old!

Courtney spends all day, every day caring for Tripp and taking care of his every need. Because of Tripp’s JEB, one of his greatest threats is the risk of infection. So taking him out and about is not really an option very often. Courtney spends most everyday at home with Tripp and shares her life with all of us on her blog.

What a blessing she has been to me, even without knowing. It is such a testament to her dedication and love for Tripp in the way that she selflessly cares for him.

She once said…
“Tripp has opened my eyes to more beautiful things than I could have ever imagined. He's made me realize what TRUE love is, he's shown me the TRUE meaning of FAMILY, and has proved to me that God picked Randy and I to raise a child who is suffering so that he could know what real love is.”

I know it would mean so much to her to read your words of encouragement. I can’t even begin to imagine how alone she must feel at times. What an awesome way to encourage Courtney by taking just a few minutes to leave a comment!
Let's all take a minute and give Courtney some encouragement. Please visit her blog and continue the ministry of Shoulders.


  1. Courtney,

    You look like you have a happy boy there. You must be doing a great job of taking care of him and his needs. Being a full-time mom is such hard work. I raised four children; the youngest is now almost 17, and I would not change it for anything. They were and still are my ministry. They all love the Lord and are growing in their faith. Keep up the good work and just remember you are working towards a greater goal of teaching Tripp what it means to love with your whole heart.


  2. Prayers to you and your sweet boy.

  3. Courtney,

    Our little boys about the same age and I can tell from your photo that you feel the same love that I do for my Collin. They even look alike. I bet Tripp has scrumptious chunky thighs too :) What a treasure they are. I am so sorry that your little one has these trials to endure, but I know that Heavenly Father gives these sweet sprits to those to can give the most love. Praying for healing and comfort for your family.


  4. Courtney keep up the great job you are doing. Tripp has come along way & is so happy because of you. God knew who to give Tripp to because he only gives to the ones that he trusts with his Special Babies too. I know of nothing that has came your way that you didn't handle greatly. Be proud of yourself as Tripp, Randy, your family & everyone else is.My prayers continue to be with you,TRIPP & Randy.I love ya'll.