Feb 17, 2010


This is a guest post written by Lori, who we featured a few weeks ago. She nominated her friend, Ashley, who is also battling infertility.

Ashley and her husband have been trying to conceive their first child for a while now, and they have just began their first round of IVF. My heart goes out to her as she is going through a very emotional time in her life. As another woman going through infertility, I know how much support and prayers can help.

It is within the heart of every woman to be a mother, to carry a child and give birth. Ashley has, as of yet, been denied that joy, and she has nearly been stripped of all hope that her dreams will come true. IVF has given them hope for that dream.

Ashley has been journaling her journey though infertility and IVF on her blog, and every day brings a new set of emotions. She has a deep faith and a great heart. Please visit Ashley's blog and give her some support as she and her husband are going through a very emotional time.

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