Feb 3, 2011

Looking for Others to Feature

Do you know a blogger who we could bless through this ministry? Be sure to let me know about them. Just email me using the button on the sidebar. We look forward to featuring your blog friends in need of encouragement!

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  1. There is a family from American Fork, Utah who suffered an indescribable loss this past Christmas day when their 18 month old son, Colum, was tragically taken from them due to a Christmas Eve car accident. This family has shown me so much inspiration and yet shown me so much sorrow...I am trying to wrap my mind around why things like these have to happen. They could use all the words of encouragement they can get. Their blog is: www.packoffixations.blogspot.org thanks so much...I tried to click on the e-mail link to the right but it wouldn't work so I thought this was the next best thing. Thanks. Christa