Jan 11, 2010


This is a guest post written by Nati, who nominated Danielle to be featured here.

Danielle and her husband, Joseph, have two children here on earth and lost their precious son Wyatt in June 2009. Wyatt was diagnosed with a fatal condition at 18 weeks gestation and not expected to live, but Wyatt fought his way into the world against all odds, and lived for wonderful two minutes.

Besides dealing with her loss, Danielle is also fighting for Wyatt's rights. Due to the State of Tennessee's definition of live birth, the doctors were not able to medically acknowledge Wyatt's life and he was listed as stillborn. Danielle is trying everything she can to have this definition changed.

A few weeks ago, God blessed Danielle with another pregnancy, which is a thrill to her heart, but also brings up the painful memories of losing her precious Wyatt. Please head on over to her blog and encourage her in these emotionally difficult times.

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