Nov 19, 2009



After years of trying to conceive a child, the result is always...


Lori Weaver is traveling the difficult road of infertility.

In her own words...

I'm not sure if it's the Holiday's coming up or my Hubby's busy schedule sneaking up on me, but I have been having a hard time with our infertility. I wish it would get easier, not more difficult. With each month that passes I feel like I am sinking further into this pit of darkness, despair, and heartache. It seems I always think about our infertility the most at night, when I am lying in bed not being able to sleep. Some nights are horrible, I feel so useless, and out of control. I know that I have to let God carry my burden's but that doesn't automatically make me stop thinking or caring about this. It helps a lot when I keep myself busy with things I like to do, and also it helps to read all my friends blogs!! It seems that I can go a few days or a given amount of time doing great, loving life, trying to embrace every moment of my NOW. Then the next minute I am like a crazy woman! My poor, poor hubby. All it can take for this to happen is to see a mommy not even care about her screaming infant, or a child getting yelled at with no reason for it all, etc. Then I feel even worse because all the effort it took for me to have my good days was just crushed and meaningless it seems. Guess what happens then? It starts all over again.

Lori and her husband have an appointment with a fertility specialist in a few months, and they are greatly hoping that this will be the answer to their prayers. Meanwhile, the daily struggle can be overwhelming. Everywhere around her is the constant reminder of prayers that are yet unanswered, and everyday brings with it another opportunity to fall into greater despair. Please, visit Lori's blog, and leave her some encouraging words.

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  1. I can definitely feel for anyone going through infertility. It's a long hard road to travel, I wish it on no one.